Security Cages

One aspect that is often overlooked is security access. It is important to protect inventory, tools, but most importantly their workers. Security cages are the perfect answer for these potential problems.

Security cages are for the protection from the exterior. They protect against theft and break-ins thanks to its locks and reinforced front panels. The classic wire mesh partitions allow light, air and view from outside the cage. In case of a fire, it can be defused directly though the panels. Security cage a great storage system for apartment building, warehouses, offices, and more.

Security Cages
Security Cages


  • Self-Storage
  • Storage Spaces
  • Garage System

Customizable Security Cage

Security cages can be customized to fit any area; even with sloped floors or unusual ceilings. Also, there are many accessories available for different levels of security and applications.


Our security cage wire mesh material comes standard in the heaviest gauge on the market, fully framed.


Our unique and flexible panels quickly fill spaces between wire mesh and existing walls; allowing you to use standard width panels. Custom options also available, including: XL doors, automatic door closers, tapered panels, special locks, and extended heights (over 25’).

Easy to Build

The Security cages uses panels that stack between universal posts for a simple and secure installation. The design also uses all carriage bolt connections to assure that systems withstand the test of time.


All materials are powder coated, the standard in Black. Can be ordered in Gray, OSHA Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, and Green.

Security Cages
Security Cages
Security Cages
Security Cages Truck Driver Cage
Security Cages Pallet Rack
Security Cages