Rotating Office Cabinet

Rotating Office Cabinet is a space-saving dual-sided alternative to lateral cabinets. It features dependable, flexible storage not seen in lateral cabinets and has compartmentalized, locking storage. You can store everything imaginable from personal items to books, binders, tablets, notebooks, files and more. They comes in 10 heights and two widths with loads of accessories and configurations to make a complete and versatile storage system. You can store the equivalent of 3 lateral files in just a single unit, meaning you can make better use of your space to store more items or have more room to create workstations and collaborative work centers.

Use Here:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Schools & Colleges 
  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacies
  • Libraries

Use For:

  • Department Storage
  • Hoteling Stations
  • Reception Areas
  • Personal Storage
  • Private Offices
  • Collaborative Work Centers

A Better Spin on Storage - All About That Base

Smooth Operation

The base assembly is the foundation of Rotating Office Cabinet. Unlike some competitive units, the base is assembled and lubricated for life in our factory to ensure smooth operation and clean installation.

Columnar Support

Columnar Support is a unique base reinforcement to distribute weight safely and evenly. Cabinets can be loaded heavily on one side and lightly loaded on the other, and this feature will balance the weight for quiet and smooth operation.

Built-in Safety with Positive Position Control

Rotating Office Cabinet comes with with a foot pedal or a hand release, moreover, both provide Positive Position Control, an important safety feature. Positive Position Control ensures a controlled and positive  stop every quarter turn, preventing rotational momentum with off-brand units especially those that are free spinning push models. 

No competitor offers this safety feature, which fits into every  unit. Cabinets have full and automatic stops that are always ready to protect users.

Rotating Cabinet Interconnect

Rotating Cabinet Interconnect is designed for the office or business that needs compact multimedia storage and workspace all in one. With Interconnect you can use every bit of space. Create a run of units — tall to short, short to tall. It’s your call. Make room for a collaborative work area or organize the conference room. Add a counter-top on lower units for monitors, printers, or copiers.

Where to Use Interconnect:

  • Under low windows
  • Below thermostats or wall-mounted controls
  • In conference rooms with drop screens or smart boards
  • Within executive suites for credenza storage
  • As collaborative printing and copying stations
  • Between workstations for shared storage
  • Along partition walls in hall station environments
  • Mailrooms
  • Common work areas

Rotating Cabinet Elite

Rotating Cabinet Elite is comfortable in your space, confident in the corner office, and work-friendly in collaborative spaces. It makes a bold design statement with elegant faceted lines.These have the same multimedia storage essentials as Rotating Office Cabinet, but features distinctive design elements for a luxurious aesthetic. Add canopy tops in beautiful Wood-Tek or rich granite for a look that blends with high-end décor. Wrap end panels and doors in Wood-Tek or fabric overlays to match beautiful office furniture.