Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack

spring rail pushback pallet rack

Spring-Rail is a unique pushback system designed for 2, 3, or 4 pallet deep storage. Spring-Rail tracks have no pitch and can be installed on existing pallet racks.

When pallets are loaded springs stretch-out to gradually cover full length of track. During unload driver removes front pallet and springs automatically push forward all pallets behind.

Spring-Rail Benefits:

  • Can be installed on any type of rack (no special beams required)
  • Racks are horizontal (no incline)
  • Lower profile than conventional pushback carts systems
  • Floor level tracks can be anchored flat onto the concrete slab
  • Pallets move together – does not derail or block
  • Ok for wood / plastic pallets any size including non-standard dimensions
  • Pallets in a lane can have varying weights & size
  • Ok for front pallet case picking
  • Horizontal tracks = material on pallets will not drift or fall
  • Optional center track for very heavy loads or weak pallets
  • Ok for cooler / freezer environments
  • Quick install – shipped fully assembled
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack spring direction

1st pallet leans against green spring-head. 2nd pallet pushes 1st pallet toward the back. (springs expand) When pallet is unloaded, pressure from green spring-head pushes remaining pallet to the front. (springs contract)

Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack rails
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack empty pallet
Empty pallet after case picking, 0 pitch tracks = material will not drift or fall
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack 3 pallets deep
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack stopper
Regardless of track length or pallet weight life expectancy of springs rated for 10,000+ cycles (full-length extensions and return). Max weight 3000 lbs per pallet
Front to back security cable. (prevents any risk of accident caused by springs), Rust-proof nylon polyester rollers
Even when fully extended spring tension not overly tight. Combined effort of min. 4 springs per storage lane guarantee long-term performance.
Spring Rail Pushback Pallet Rack 3 track system

3 tracks per lane for very heavy loads. Center track without springs also available for poor quality pallets with too much deflection.

Spring Rail Pushback Pallet Rack 3 track system

Spring-Rail can also be installed on risers above beams. This allows lift-truck forks to operate non-palletized material on Spring-Rail. Surface underneath loads must be compatible with Spring-Rail rollers. (2’’ wheels with 3’’ center-to-center spacing)

Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack storing metal trunks
Spring-Rail creates new storage possibilities!
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack track only

1st step on any project is to purchase test lane – can be installed on racking, empty pallets or wood blocks at floor-level. (30 day money-back guarantee) Lane shipped fully assembled. (no need to anchor wood blocks to the floor)

Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack test lane
Spring-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack

Benefits of Test Lane:

Quick install / Everyone sees system in action / Validate pallet model-type compatible with Spring-Rail / Lift-operators test loading-unloading material / Confirm if 3rd track in the middle is required / Lane easy to dismantle & ship at other locations if required.