Guard Booths

“Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you are prepared for it”

Guard Booths: Will Your Facility Be Prepared in Case Of An Emergency

It’s no secret that public and private security has been a growing concern on a national level over the last few months.  Many facilities, venues, and campuses all across the United States have been searching for ways to stop potential threats before they occur.  And, the number one thing to help your facility is to Be Prepared.

By adding a guard house, your facility gets two immediate benefits: Access Control and a Crime Deterrent.  Ensure you know all people coming in and out, and if a threat does present itself, our guard houses offer a great first line of defense. 

Guard Booth: Ballistic Rated Protection

Ballistic Rated

Protection Covering all UL bullet resistance levels, our guard booths can be built to withstand the highest threat levels

Highest Quality in Structure and Design

Built in a factory controlled environment, we ensure each prefabricated building is manufactured to the highest quality

Guard Booths: Highest Quality in Structure and Design

Security, The Way You Need it

With incredibly flexible designs and applications, our guard booths can be adapted to fit whatever security needs your facility requires