Mobile ShelvingHigh Density Mobile Shelving

Sometimes called “rolling shelving”

Mobile shelving is typically made from steel or aluminum. Wheels are attached to the bottom of each shelf to roll along the track to compact it so only one aisle is open at a time. By removing the need for extra aisle space, it fills up about 50% less space compared to traditional stationary shelving.


  • Increase Storage by 50%
  • Cost-Saving Storage
  • Modern and Stylish
  • Increase Productivity

Three Types of Mobile Shelving Carriage Drive Methods Are Available:

  • Manual – a handle on the end of each shelving unit is used to roll carriages back and forth
  • Mechanical – a geared chain is used to move heavier loads with relative ease (like mountain bike gears)
  • Electric – the user pushes a button to move the carriages as needed (Fully Automatic)

Mobile ShelvingSpace Saving Mobile Shelving

High density mobile shelving has been used by many varieties of businesses, such as public libraries, athletic departments, lawyer offices, computer technology firms, healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies, and more. Not only can files and records be stored, but equipment of different shapes and sizes fit with just a few simple shelf adjustments.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Athletic Gear and Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Computer Hardware
  • Weapons
  • Retail Inventory
  • Books
  • Clothing or Jackets
  • Just to name a few…

Decrease Storage Costs and Allow for More Storage

When compared to other shelving, such as lateral or vertical filing cabinets, mobile shelving can decrease storage costs by allowing for more storage or freeing up more floor space.

Wide Variety of Storage Solutions for Utah

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Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving