Industrial Solutions for Storage

Thanks to the clip together construction of industrial pallet rack, customization, and expansions quick and easy. Pallet rack is used with forklifts to store pallets or bulk hand stacking. Pallet Racking shelving systems will pay for itself by making use of vertical space!

Industrial Pallet Rack is a form of shelving that uses heavy-duty steel cross beams to store inventory or pallets. There are various kinds of pallet racks, although, commonly used for palletized loads. Industrial pallet rack is not limited to pallets; it stores furniture, carpets, boxes, and bulk.

We can help you create storage solutions that boost employee productivity, reduce workplace injuries and improve inventory accuracy.

Not using existing vertical space negatively affects your facilities potential – our vertical carousels and high-density storage systems dramatically improves your facilities’ overhead space utilization.

We offer a wide variety of storage products and systems to help companies save time and space.

Our solutions are flexible and adapt to your needs as they change.

Revit Shelving is industrial grade shelves which can hold 750 lbs or more per shelf level. To hold more weight, Rivet Shelving comes in heavy-duty double rivet beams and allow more applications including wide span. Single rivet is for standard weight volume and is the cheapest option, although, double rivet only costs just a small fraction more.

It shelving is easy to assemble because it doesn’t require nuts, bolts, or shelf clips. It’s a unique design which allows for different set-up configurations, sizes, and decking. Shelves are accessible from all four sides and can be adjusted every 1.5 inches.