Healthcare Storing Assets and Hospital Supplies

Being prepared and having healthcare storing assets and supplies where you need them as your requirements change each hour of the day is a critical factor for a successful hospital. Using a variety of storage and process flow mechanisms can make a difference.

High-density shelving allows you to have more supplies on-site and readily available because it uses 50% less real estate than static shelving. High-Density Mobile Shelving can also provide a higher level of security.

Bed Lifts for Healthcare Storing Assets

Bed lifts for healthcare storing assets
Save even more space with our Hospital Bed Lift system. This system is designed to store hospital beds off of the floor and stack them vertically.
Bed Lifts removes unused ‘hallway beds’ from the corridors and helps hospitals meet JCAHO standards for storage of hospital beds, including reducing the risk of fines and accreditation issues.

Medical Storage Assets

Medical storage assets
Medical Supplies flow effortlessly with the right system.
An ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets allows you to store, handle, and transport all medication and medical devices from where they are stored to the patient’s bedside seamlessly.
Medical Storage is a high density, space-saving solution that entails smaller storage footprints and enables both easy management and delivery in a complete, integrative process.
Medical Storing assets

Lab Furniture Healthcare Assets

Lab Furniture Healthcare Storing Assets
When it comes time to create a new lab or reset an older one, we can offer you a turn-key solution. It will be safe, compliant, and customized to your specific operational needs. We work with manufacturers that have in-stock programs so the components you need will be readily available for fast delivery and installation.Our process includes single-source accountability so that you can put your time into other management tasks.