Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel

The motorized wire spool vertical carousel is designed to store, retrieve, and dispense various ranges of wire, cable, rope, chain, and other spooled products. The materials stored efficiently utilizes overhead storage space in reels or spools that rotate up and down to deliver spools to the user quickly. This motorized vertical carousel is a versatile spool storage solution with a fully adjustable interior to accommodate changing inventory and optional cut/measure/rewind system.

Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel

Maximizes Available Storage and Utilizing Overhead Space

The vertical carousel accommodates spools of wire compactly and efficiently to recover floorspace, improve inventory accessibility. Motorized vertical carousels turns hard to reach storage locations into easily accessible positions allowing inventory to move in and out. Simple, easy to use, loading dollies available for spools up to 300 lbs.

Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel- Before and After

Increase Efficiency

Improved productivity with more efficient picking and increase workplace safety. Assortment of cut/measure/re-roll may be placed in front or attached to the motorized wire carousel eliminating the need for ladders, cherry pickers, and other hazardous retrieval methods. Additionally, the motorized vertical carousel eliminates unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing.

Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel

How Does It Work?

Spools are secured a spring-loaded mechanism. To load, engage the spring and lock in place. Position the spools in place using the provided transport dolly. Once loaded, release the spring to reengage the lock. A series of carriers rotate up and down to deliver spools and wire to the operator. Optional integrated cut/measure/rewind system allows control of the spool/wire.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Capacity: 13,000 Lbs.
  • Carrier Capacity: 1,000 Lbs.
  • Retrieval Speed: 21’ Per Minute
  • Mesh Guarding Front and Back
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Options & Accessories

Wire & Spool Loading Dolly: wire dolly to transfer wire spools to and from the motorized carousel, handles spool sizes up to 24” diameter.

HD Wire Reel Dispenser: A HD dispensing platform that rests on the floor for dispensing spools with up to a 48” diameter and a 2,000 lbs. weight capacity.

Track Mounted Wire Merchandiser: Cut/Measure/Re-roll system track mounted to the face of the motorized wire carousel for easy access to every position

Wire Merchandiser Cart: Cut/Measure/Re-roll cart system that moves to and from the face of the motorized spool carousel as required.

Spinner Spool – system designed to fit within a single wire bay, optimizing it for a large quantity of small wire spools.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): the VFD provides the operator variable speed during vertical carousel operation.

Full Enclosure: This add-on includes an enclosed ceiling and replaces the mesh guarding on the front and rear of the vertical carousel with solid paneling.

Dual Controls: A duplicate control center located on the left tower of the spool carousel enabling control from either side.

Inventory Control Solutions: Inventory management systems that include but are not limited to software, bar-coding, and automation.

Preventative Maintenance Packages: An annual inspection program designed to extend the life of the motorized wire spool carousel.

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Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel in Warehouse
Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel Optional Unwind Tool
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Motorized Wire Spool Vertical Carousel Wire Spools